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Stock TB for 7000rpm, ~200whp?

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At what HP/RPM levels will the stock Throttle body be a horsepower limitation? 


I am cutting up a L28 EFI intake with the intention to increase the runners to 34mm. Should I bother with a different TB??


Using a 280 duration cam and a lightly ported head on L28. HP goals are close to 200. For a race engine, I think shift point will be 6500-7000.


Would be great if I could keep the stock one....

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Realistically you should be fine. If you need to upgrade after completing the build and seeing top end roll off and you suspect throttle then convert to the KA throttle. Larger and easy to adapt. But I'm betting the stock TB won't be the limiting factor without serious headwork. That said, it's relatively easy to calculate engine displacement * 100% * RPM...

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