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New member CA 73 imsa widebody project

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Hey guys . New member . But not new to the site . I have been following this site since I was 16 and owned a 75 280z up here in Canada .  It was my daily and I sold it . Near rust free and saftied for 3,500 bucks . Over the next years they have jumped in value and I've been kicking myself ever since 

So this year. I was just browsing and found a hand full of z parts for sale with a rusted out shell . (69 production 240z) . Number 142 . So I bought it because it was priced right and I thought it would look good in the field.  This started an itch that I been now scratching 

Next just a few weeks ago I bought a 73 rolling chasis . With that someone had welded in New floors . Rails . And a hand full of other goodies .. With imsa quarters tied in and done well . My plan for a z has changed and I want to complete the time period imsa race car. Because ... racecar . 

Here are some pics of the shell I been working on and donor car  













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Welcome to the forums,


Looks like the ca you used is a strange font and causing the system to redirect. Please try and refrain from using symbols, or characters including odd fonts in post titles as it causes the post to be inaccessible. 


Hope you have a good time here.

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Posted (edited)

Oooh, I know this car.  Sort of.  I bought a 240z from a guy out in Carmen who also owned your car above.  I feel like it's switched hands a few times as I've seen it up on kijiji multiple times through the years.  Good to see another fellow Z owner in the province.

*edit - Just saw it up for sale again on kijiji :(

Edited by Ptero

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Love the widebodies!  Good on you for taking on this project -- I'm sure it will be well worth the effort once near completion.


Looks like winter starts early in your neck of the woods....probably great for the snow machines.

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