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Calling people who have torn down their JZ motors!

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Hey guys, I'm just finishing up my build and I came across a real street videos where they talked about proper seating of connecting rod caps. In the video they said that the dowels on the aftermarket rods can become misshapen if mounted unevenly.


The problem is this happened to me twice. Once, the cap was just backwards and I didn't realize it. Second, it had seated fully seated over one dowel so it was uneven. Both times I caught the mistake before I yanked the bolts down. (Medium pressure).


I had thought nothing of it and just corrected the problem. The issue is, in the video they say that the rods will no longer locate correctly and can cause major problems. What do you guys think? I have stock rods with the stock solid dowels.


(Below is an example of the dowels)


thanks guys


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If you tightened the cap down on the offset dowels then you have probably mis-shapen them, unless the connecting rods are softer then you may have made an imprint on the rod cap. If you tightened one side down tightly then you could have bent them. Given their size though it may not be likely. Measure the clearance if it is a friction fit then you may want to start over. If it has a bit of clearance then it is more or less for a rough alignment and once fully seated they won't do anything as the friction of the machined surface will hold it over the alignment of the dowels.


They should be more or less fully seated before you start tightening it. You shouldn't be pulling them down with the bolt. While you are in there make sure to do the thrust washer checks and crank alignment.

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