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Introduction 78 280 restomod

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Hello All,


I already started a build thread in the S30 section but never got around to writing an intro thread.  I'm starting with a reasonably unmolested 1978 280Z but its in an unloved condition.  Not a total rust bucket but it has some rust and its last respray was likely a budget job that sat in the sun  since it was parked in 1993 as most of the paint is crispy and cracking/pealing like mad!.  The plan is to get the body in shape and perform mods to emulate a 240Z on the exterior.  I already have a RB25 thats gonna be transplanted plus I am gonna do the front cap in Retro-Spec carbon.  All suspension with be upgraded with a mix of Nissan S14, BC Racing and T3 components.  I hope to learn a lot from members that have blazed some of these paths.


Thanks! I look forward to lots of feedback and suggestions!


Best Regards,


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