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JTR Starter/Fuel Pump Wiring Confusion 77 280Z SBC

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I have the 7th Edition of the JTR Manual. On page 9-6 it shows a schematic of the basic wiring. Wire 1 shows it being attached to wire 2 which goes to the fuel pump from the chrysler fuel pump switch. Wire 1 is called a starter by pass circuit and says to see page 13-2.


Wire 10 Black-Yellow says to connect to S terminal on starter soelnoid and to connect to Wire 1 above to provide power to electric fuel pump during cranking and also refers to page 13-2.


Page 13-2 talks about the Chrysler fuel pump switch which I am using and that this energizes the fuel puimp when there is oil pressure. The next paragraph down talks about pumping without oil pressure. The following paragraph tells you to not connect the wire that operates the fuel pump to the starter solenoid because when the pressure switch turns on so will the starter.


It goes on to state to hook up a black-blue wire to the fuel pump wiring if using an HEI which I am.


I AM SO CONFUSED :?:!: Page 9-6 tells you to exactly what page 13-2 tells you not to. Could some one please tell me the correct way to wire the pump when using the Chrysler fuel pump pressure switch!


Thanks in advance!


By the way side pipes are on and all that is left is wiring to bring life to the beast :!:

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Did you ever solve this? I am having the exact same problem with understanding the hook up of the Carter electrical fuel pump in my 240Z-72. The only difference I can see is that the wire you refer to as black-blue is green-white on my 240Z.




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