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1971 Datsun 240z resto.project [vids/pics]

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There. Soon to be standing on its own new legs :)


Glad to finally see the front suspension set up done and welded in, along with the rear getting the final touches. That will make it a lot easier to move around :) You must be getting close to getting ready to put the engine(N1-RB26) and drive train together. I also can't wait to see that step. Looking forward to hearing from you again mull, and I hope it is really soon. Also glad to see Hugo still alive! :D


Keep up the great work!

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Mull was my original inspiration to go with a 240sx full suspension in my 240z widebody.


Since the inspiration I bought a 71 240z and a 95 240sx gutted the suspension drivetrain out of the 240sx and have just been waiting to start the project.


By next month it should be done with many pictures of the build.



Mull you got some really good taste Good luck on your build maybe we will see who will finish first ?

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So Mull, its been 2 years. Since you posted an update. Whats been going on? Did you finally get the power plant installed? Was there more Chassis work? CAN WE SEE PAINT!!!



PS hope you update soon. I'm starting to put the interior together in mine. Also last summer was finally the first summer my car went without blowning a head gasket. Could you believe my head, had a Porous mold from factory.. >.<  I couldn't!!!!... So I switched to a P79 head. However now I have a backfire at cold start up. I have checked vaccum lines, Coldstart, and Fuel regulator. Even looked up the problem in a shop manual Only thing not changed is the injectors...and it looks like I am the only one having this problem. Who knows maybe I will have to drop a RB26 in or a V8 Chevy :(....I really don't want loose the awesome fuel eco of the L28E tho... :(... Either way tho I might be looking into a lot of money to do something to fix the problem.. >.< 


Anyways hope you having better luck!!!

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Come back to life!

As you command! 


It's been a while, to say the least, hehe ehm. So, since last the engine has been dis-/reassembled and paired up- with its RB25 transmission. It's now been fetched from those builing/storing the engine and is now waiting for the car itself to show up. Have some mounts set up, ready for trials as soon as possible. "What, that's it?" - well, yeah. Sorry. I've haven't really lost inspiration or faith in the almighty Z-gods but have been otherwise engaged (not really, but anyway, things are getting back on track). 


Moving ever so slowly ;)



No, it's not going in the Ford in the back of this pic ;- )

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WOW your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking high and low for you lol, Hope everything is good with you.  I have missed you so much that I had to go into my own garage and start working on my project to get a Z fix, I guess you know that you have been an inspiration to so many of us here on HybridZ and indeed the rest of the world,.I know how time can get away from you doing these types of projects and its tough to keep up the momentum and enthusiasm with such a big project (wondering will it ever end?)



 Cheers Evilchuckie :icon54:

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