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painting a car with a roller...

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Why chain link?


I just wanted to make my own strut bar. I thought this would be a different way to do it. I also remember seeing Indian Larry do a chain bike and that gave me the idea. Its sturdy and works well. I know it doesn't real go with anything, but oh well. It serves its purpose and was fairly cheap to make.

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i thought u guys would like some updated products for this DIY roller method. Same technique, different paint. The guy used a marine boat paint called "brightside". Not sure where to get them in canada/usa but the results look amazing. My rustoleum (tremclad) paint looked fantastic after a wet sand and polish but after the years it's beginning to look dull and swirly. Not to mention, 1 thing i found with the rustoleum is that dirt sticks to it like glue. The exhaus from your tail pipes will stick to it, but unlike with normal paint that you can just wash off, the rustoleum will still be stained. only way to really get it off is polish it off with some sort of compound or wax. I used a white paint so it's extremely apparent.


anyhow, here is the thread with the brightside. truly amazing in the shine over the rustoleum









here is the brightside company website. Company is called interlux.



anyone knw where to get it locally?


1 good thing about rustoleum is you can get it at your local homedepot and they can color match it. I color matched mine to Honda's Champion white. Im not sure you can colormatch this though, however the shine over the rustoleum is worth the lack of color choice.

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