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twice pipes -my version

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) I kind of let this thread go by the wayside, but progress has been made. I finally got to hear my exhaust run last week and all I can say is--TOO LOUD guess I should have figured that 12$ glasspacks wouldn't do much, but combine that with headers and it's too much for this old man. The magna flow mufflers have already been ordered and delivered and hopefully will tame the wild beast. I will get out of the highway and have a little fun with the 'race car" before I change the mufflers over B)


Enjoy some pics and sound video





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AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! That's better. Got the magna flows installed and definetly a better sound. I can't say anything about cruise noise levels, but I hope it will be tolerable. The magna flows took the "crackle" sound out to make things more mellow. Let me know what you think.



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Well i thought I had tamed the wild beast, but I had to do some additional work. The resonance at 2500 was still really loud, so I ordered some resonators and slapped them in-quite easy infact. Now I getting to the place I want to be. I think the car sounds amazing. The resonance is now doable with just some slight crackling around that magic number 2500. I am still in the break-in period on the engine, so 4000 is about all i'm doing for now. I could cruise around all day at 3200 because it sounds so sweet. 3200 in 5th will be about 75-80mph so highway speeds will be a pleasure. It sounds very beafy at low end and starts to scream as I climb the rpms. I will try to make a recording if I can capture the sound well enough. If I had some exhaust tip resonators I imagine it would be perfect for me, but it will get me to Zcon in style for now.

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Wow how time flies! I have to look at these old posts so I cam remember when I did what--lol.

So now my cheapy fix using the glass packs for resonators is failing. I guess i shouldn't have expected them to last too long at 20$ a piece, but anyways the drone is coming back so I need to do something. I just improved the driving experience by finally eliminating exhaust fumes and now the noise is getting un bearable.

So I ponder whether to go with regular turbo mufflers in place of the glasspacks( the ones foward of the diff) or just get a baffled muffler(performance type). I was looking at


for a straight thru option.

The chambered version would be a bit tougher to fit being an oval type, but I think I can do it.

The other aspect of this that do I want install a muffler with future plans to do away with the rear mufflers and replace them with Ansa tips or something. Another words make sure I make the exhaust quiet enough with just two mufflers so I have this option. Honestly   don't think I can make this exhaust too quiet with the fact of my headers and long primaries :) The rear mufflers are Magna flow turbos but they are very small like 10" .


And yes the sound is worth all this effort!

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