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Wheel Show! Post your pics of you wheels

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Haha, pretty much. They do pretty much look identical. We can compare them at Z-fest!


I wonder what the weight difference is? Probably not as much as I would hope....



I actually thought about removing the red sticker as I think it looks a bit silly, but replacements run about $200 and the resale value of the wheel would probably be hurt without them.

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Is anyone running a square setup? Wheels and tires? I just purchased a 240 and it has some "want a bee" 15x10 - 25 square(all 4). The car has 225 fronts with a 265 Hankook h101 trucker tire rear. I was wanting to run 245/40/15 square Hankook rs4 or the rivals. 


Car has ZG flares. 


Any thoughts? 


Thank you, 



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