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86 RX7 with Turbo LM7 and Megasquirt

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Recently discovered that my used LS1 intake has had debris setting in it from the previously destroyed engine it came off of.  I got some of this debris into 7 and 8 and damaged the top of the pistons a bit.  I replaced those piston/rod combos with used 5.3 parts.  Honed those two cylinders and did new rings on those two.  I ordered a new Dorman LS6 style intake.  I made a couple tries at cleaning out the other intake, but can still see junk stuck in it so it is going in the trash.  While the engine and trans where out I fixed a few small things:  added a drain plug to to the trans pan, added a piece of rubber between the steering rack and oil pan, very slightly ovaled my engine cradle bolt holes to properly fit the engine mounts and got correct bolts for engine and trans mounts.  The engine and trans are back in the car.  The new intake should be here before the holiday weekend.  Here is some of the debris that dumped out of the old intake manifold, can't believe I didn't get more of it inside my 5.3:



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Took the car to Pueblo Motorsports park to get 1/4 mile times.  Tech'd in and lined up, but never got to race.  They had problems with the staging lights and timing system.  They don't expect to have the track working until September.  ughhhhhh

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