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Round 2. Anyone want CNC Parts?

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How much do you think you could do something like these for. They would need to be maybe 3-4in by 2in by .75in at maximum measurements. We can make them in low volume, but because of our machines and how many people we need to share them with, we can't build bulk. The thing to notice here is that the part where the wheel attaches and the round part that goes into the bamboo are at a slight angle, so we needed a total of 3 cutting sequences on our 3 axis machine.







-will watts

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anyone want to bring this back to life? one idea i had ( which could be completely off base so please let me know!) is to make the actual metal rod of the shifter a bit thinner so at least the parts inbetween could be thicker to make it look more geometrically pleasing? also were people discussing this with a short throw kit on their cars or just the normal 4/5 speed found in datsuns? i have a 78 (i believe) 5 speed on a 240z and would really love to see if this is possible, i have very cheap access to 3-d printers so if people want mock ups i can easily help facilitate with that just to get real life renderings and stuff and see where this goes!!

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