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Firing order for L28et?

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I assumed that they all the same,just thought i would check here first but im gonna pull the cam cover off anyway,make sure the dizzy is lined up and just turn the motor over to see which piston goes into compression first and take it from there the good old way.Boosting IS the next step no doubt,what size sides you running?Motor stock?

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This has been ask and answered many times......but I'll be nice. Print this picture and post it where you need it.




Thank you for posting this. This picture shows the correct firing order for ALL Datsun L-6 regardless, 1-5-3-6-2-4, with the dizzy rotor pointed at 9:00 O-clock with #1 cyl at TDC of the ignition event.


The other oddball firing ordering posted above, 362415 is correct, but only if your dizzy rotor points to the 4-5 O-clock position with #1 cyl at TDC of the ignition event (common if the oil pump drive/distributor quill shaft is installed willy nilly) and the original poster of that firing order KNOWS this and was merely cracking wise.

If your distributor quill shaft is installed with the correct orientation, this information can be found in any Z car service manual, Haynes, Chilton, Clymer, and factory Nissan service manuals which we encourage everyone to use.

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Yup,shes smokin tyres LOL!


Had an interesting time getting her started i must say....the previous owner or someone who worked on the motor before me must have put the shaft that turns the dizzy in the wrong way.So i had to contend with that amidst tryin to figure out why she wouldnt fire...LOL Not something that immediatly crossed my mind to check in the first place...

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