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Installing the GEN II Mini A/C into my 240

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Derek    46
Dont have your car computer controling it yet?


No but I have it controlling my farting!

Right now with everything going on with the manifold that will be last on the list! It's still on the list though. The round knob panel looks good but the knobs are a little small and slippery and the symbols are really small to read. The lighting leaves something to be desired as well.



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rigez    10
Derek, What material are the hardlines? Where did you get the fittings, where did you get the hoses?


I would assume that you went somewhere to get the fittings crimped? I am at a loss here, I have everything but need the lines to attach everything.


Did you use R12 or R134?


Any website that can help me ou with those parts?




First thanks for the right up :icon14:.


Second I'm also curious about the fittings and hard lines.


If its not too much trouble could you take a couple more pics of the engine bay a little further out around the compressor?




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ezzzzzzz    0

You can buy aluminum or s/s hardlines from Vintage Air. Both come in different lengths. The s/s lines can be silver soldered for truly custom fit. They also sell Aeroquip a/c hose and fittings you can fab in your driveway. The cost of parts is a bit higher but the end results is excellent. You don't have to buy a beadlock crimper ($$$) or locate an a/c shop ($$$) to crimp for you either.

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nzarano    0

Derek does your unit do heating as well? did the unit connect to all the stock vents? could you by chance post all the part numbers you used? Does this render the stock vent controls useless? does the original fan have to be removed? Thank you for your help! summer is around the corner and im a bit over my head trying to prep the z....

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