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280zx Rear Disk Brake Conversion --> 78 280z

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Hey, Ive been reading through the brake FAQ and I have to say what a jumble of a million people saying a billion different things... :twisted:


I decided on the 280zx disk conversion and have a few clarifications being that the faq didnt answer them.


I am getting the following...


83 280zx 2+2 rear calipers and rotors

Maxima Brake Caliper Brackets, specifically these. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120303520666&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:MOTORS:1123


Are these what Im looking for? The auction says to use maxima calipers and 300zx rotors, but FAQ says the 280zx calipers and rotors.


Which one is it? I see that the auction above is for the brackets that arent flat, do I need the flat ones? I saw in the faq people say either way...


Just need some clarification. :(


Also since I dont have the parts yet Im not really able to see what goes where etc. I started pulling the drums apart in prep. but Im not sure how much goes.


This is where its at now..


Do I need to remove the bolts on the inside of the hub? What about the piston (obviously wont need it)?


Thanks for the help.

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Just strip everything down to the bare hub and strut housing.


A sawzall and dremel are really useful if your trying to remove the dust sheild without removing the stub axle.


Or do the job at a friend's house who happens to have a plasma cutter. Takes a whole 5 minutes to remove both backing plates with one of those! :)

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Yeah I got them off with a combination of a angle grinder with cut off wheel, cold chisel and a hammer. Took awhile...


As for a plasma cutter, I was also thinking of that... just imagines making 4 passes and they would just fall off. :)


So can anyone answer my question regarding the parts? Are those all correct?

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The ones on ebay look to be the 85-88 Maxima brackets they are flat and thicker and need to be trimmed down (machined to be used)

You can order them through Nissan at $100 a piece.

I tried the junkyard in my area found (1) maxima it was an 81; I believe. The brackets were there, but they were welded on. Apparently, only certain years or certain Maximas period came with bolt on brackets and not welded. If you can't find a pair I would order them from here they work with the 280zx calipers and are only $165 for a set. And they are already cut to avoid removing the stub axel.




Nissan part number for the maxima rear disc brake brackets = 44155-04S10.


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It's a shame you cut those backing plates to remove them. You could have sold them on ebay (or somewhere), to raise some $. The late 77 & 78 cars have the better (and much cheaper wheel cylinders), which is also considered a good upgrade for the earlier S30.


Did you check out the group buy brake bracket thread?



Good Luck!

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Actually I got that from Daves website archive (member here).


Thanks for the link, that really did help, wish I had it earlier... :(


Have you done this swap? Ive got my pads and everything together and Im not sure if I have it together right. The outside brake pad has 3 bumps on the metal side. One in the middle, one on the left, and one on the right with the brake squealer tab. For the outside two the claw of the caliper line up right over the top of these. Is this correct?


Went ahead and mounted them to see if they fit and it drags alot. Is this normal or should I check for something?

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