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Custom length serpentine belts

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Ok, got my 500 Z engine ready and trying to install all the front end stuff but cant find the correct length belt to drive the waterpump and alternator. I need a 6 rib serpentine belt, 1" wide and 38 3/4" to 39 1/2" in length.

Been searching all over the net and cant seem to find anything even close. Does anyone know a source, connection or even where to find 4 hole v belt pulleys for the crankshaft?? I will change to v belts if necesary.

The crank pulley has to be the outer one of the 2 with a dish of 1 1/2" to 1 5/8" to the inside edge.

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Boy, that's a short belt. Most Part# system for Serp belts is

060000 (6 rib belt, followed by 3 places for whole inches and one decimal)


this part might work:

Gates K060388 for Honda; Civic; 2005-2001; 4-Cyl. 1.7 Eng.; Alt & AC 13/16" x 39 3/8"


Dayton is a K60388 to K60395


The NAPA parts you want a number between 25-060388 and 25-060395


DAYCO parts are similar,

DY 5060380 is a 6-rib 38.0" long.

Try looking for a number from DY5060388 to DY05060395


Good luck!

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Silly question: Do you have a forward rotation water pump on that motor?


The factory water pumps that came in the 1982-1995 mustang had reverse rotation water pumps (the water pump and crank shaft rotated in opposite directions). If you try to turn the reverse rotation pump in the forward direction, then it will not pump water properly through the engine.


With a reverse rotation pump, you need an idler pulley to control the belt tension and to provide belt contact around the water pump pulley. Here is my solution:






The tensioner pulley came from Steeda, the mounting brackets for the tensioner are custom, and the belt is 49.5 inches.


If you decide to go with Vee belts, try march performance. They have a very wide selection of pulleys and brackets (both vee belt and serpentine).


Your alternator mounting should be fine. Mine is mounted with the centerline if the alternator pulley lower than the centeline of the crank pulley. I have about 1/4" between the alternator and the boot on the steering rack.

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Well i believe it will work then especially since yours is a lot lower than mine, this is a lincoln towncar 302 and has a 6 rib pulley so i am assuming the belt inside runs around the pulley. if it was a smooth pulley i could understand running under it with the outside of the belt with a tensioner.

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