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Toni L

260Z 2+2 1974 Project +1000hp

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Battery isn´t installed yet. That plastic thing would be only cover to avoid electric shortcuts, but maybe I change that when I´m doing it.


Someone asked about those Wilwood calipers earlier, but I ordered from here: http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=11370


I can´t recommend before I have driven my car, mut it feels that mechanical handbrake got enought power for parking brake. (maximum vehicle weight 750Kg) is mentioned, but I don´t know what is REAL problem when caliper is made from basic 4-spot Wilwood Powerlite, and hydraulic braking power is enought.

With those disc width 0.35-0.50" or 0.79-0.86", it is not a real "racing car" caliper for sure.


I´m sure those can be fitted to 15" wheels. My current setup is 278x10 mm rear disc. Caliper adapter is my own design.

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I have spent time making electronics. Fuel pump control:



Made engine mounts stronger:



More electronics:



New turbo. Watercooled Holset 71.5mm / 80mm #22. Something like 900hp turbo compared to previous ~750hp.




Fuel pressure regulator:



And something else.. New battery bracket etc.



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I bought eletronic power steering assistant and new upper steering column, but this might be later project.



More electronic work:




New wheels and tires. Image BBM 17x10 & 17x11 and Toyo R888 (not together yet)




And something else:







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Driveshaft is not ready yet. When its done it should be driveable, but there is no rush to drive it. All depends on weather, because its winter now :)

Maybe dynotune with trailer. So it is possible to break the engine before summer :D


Today small engine tune and getting it warm. It runs smoother. Have to fix couple of small leaks now. (injector 5 fuel rail and turbo water return flange)



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