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WTB 3.9 or 4.11 R180/R200, N36 manifold, Strut housings, Fuel filler hose +++++++++

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I am in need of some parts for my car:


- 240Z front and rear strut-housings with top mounts (don't need the struts or the springs though)

- Rear control arms

- R180 or R200 differential with either a 3.9:1 or (preferably) 4.11:1 ratio. LSD or non-LSD. Give me an offer.

- Lightweigh flywheel (must be large enough for a 240mm spec clutch)

- N36 SU-manifold with throttle linkage

- Fuel filler hose going from tank to fender


- Not quite decided 100% on carburetors yet, so also interested in carbs (round top SU's or tripple sidedrafts)

- Square port headers with a primary ID of preferably 1 5/8"


If I remember anything else I need, I'll add it to the list

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Yes, I'm located in Norway.

I guess it would need to be shipped in two packages? It would depend on the weight. I think shipping is cheapest through USPS. If you know the weight of the parts, shipping costs should be easy to calculate on usps.com.


How much do you want for the parts?

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