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WTB: P90, FPR, Non-egr intake manifold, 280ZXT C/V axles + adapters, 280Z stub axles

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As the title says, I am looking for the following parts:


P90 head with solid lifters. Preferably in good shape ready to bolt on. It would be a pluss if it has been rebuilt, but not a must.


280Z stub axles


280ZXT C/V axles, also looking for Modern motorsports C/V adapters, but I'll probably need to buy these new.


Rising rate/adjustable fuel pressure regulator (Aeromotive, SX or something similar)


Clean EFI intake manifold


I also need a 280ZXT exhaust manifold, some sort of EFI-system (haltech, electromotive, etc), rear disc brakes

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I have now bougth C/V-axles (might need another pair for spares though), P90 head, alternator and distributor.


I have a some alternatives on turbochargers, intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds which I am considering.


I am still in desperate need of 280Z stub axles!!!, rear wheel bearings, and a rear disc brake setup.

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