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82-83 l28et distributor plug pics please!

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hey guys, im doing a megasquirt swap into my 81 280zx turbo and converted it to an 82-83 distributor so I can control spark and fuel. I have looked over the wiring schemetics and i know the wire colors but im not sure which order they go on into the distributor. I just want to know what order they go in so I dont burn anything out. I bought a remanufactured core for the distributor from NAPA and the new core only have the four spades on it where the pigtail plugs into, but there was no pigtail. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ive looked over the forums and searched peoples pics I just cant see enough in the pictures i find to be sure of anything.


ok guys if someone can give me a picture i would be willing to reumburse them for their time i just need a couple of detailed pics of the plug so i can properly wire it up without burning anything out..... i will paypal someone $10 for their time just need to be able to see the wires going to their correct places on the distributor....again thanks for anyone that can and sorry for being so impatient i just need to get my car running asap

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I recently cut off the plug from a 1983 distributor (cringed while doing it) to fit the later Z31/M30 connector for use with the M30 ecu.


If you look at the end that comes out of the distributor with both male terminals up top then the left male terminal is green, the right one is black, the bottom left (female terminal) is red and the one to the right of it is white.


Let me tell you that nissan uses some sort of super adhesive to bond the shrinkwrap that goes over this connector to it.


I'm pretty sure the colors match up with the later Z31 distributor wiring convention but I may be wrong.

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hughdogz my hero!!!! hey thanks man i appreciate it, send me a paypal addy and the moolah is yours!


Hey l28et280z,


I wasn't in it for the money (I didn't realize you had said anything about that in your initial post). Just trying to help out my brethren.


Are you looking for a connector cable too? I already cut off the stock round end connector and wired up a Delphi weatherpack connector. Plus I need it for a 260z turbo swap that I will do someday. :icon56:

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This is the connector that I cut off the distributor (not the car harness) to wire in the later style connector onto my distributor rather than kill an entire l28et harness since I have that as a back-up standalone system.


Harness and connector in infiniti M30 are in immediate background.


Top left is green (1 degree signal), to the right of it is black (ground), bottom left is red (+12v), and bottom right is white (120 degree signal).


I know that you're after being able to splice connectors without molesting either your distributor or your original car harness but, unless you have spares of either, you will have to cut one or the other...........or find a company that supplies that very rare connector.


I went to a junkyard and snipped the connector off of a butchered distributor and also the connector from the harness in the thinking that adapting it to the Z31 or later connector which fits most every single cam vg30 engine management system, I would only have to do it once no matter whether I ran a 1984 Z31 system or a 2002 nissan Quest system and everything in between.


I think I just matched color to color since the distributor end had the same color scheme but it changes colors on the harness connector end like this....


Red goes to black/white


Black goes to black


White goes to green/black


Green goes to green.



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On 2/4/2017 at 12:25 PM, CAMarten said:

reviving old thread. all the pictures are loading except the ones that say "this is the pic you need!", and "here you go!" and such... figures. anyone have the pictures of those plugs?

Did you ever find the pics for the distributor?

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On 5/3/2009 at 9:49 AM, hughdogz said:

Here ya go!




You can see the mounting tab for the cable as reference (lower right hand, corner).


In case the image isn't clear, from 10 o'clock it is Black, Red, Green, White (going anti-clockwise)

Thank you i will try this agine thank you could not CHECK THE PIC DO NOT KNOW HOW THANKS AGAIN 1526574318095127113685.thumb.jpg.c2c765d38ef57e32d38ca011ae0747be.jpg1526574364638239956502.thumb.jpg.93a5dc6fcb38c8aa910c4c6a92e31812.jpg1526576652599479162431.thumb.jpg.283a1453d3b4820b3d20370875547988.jpg1526576678480840391995.thumb.jpg.d0dbb3d6f30b5157e5c6d241a9e6c267.jpg

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On 9/2/2018 at 2:43 PM, joem64 said:

Is there a mfg name or model # on the plug?? I need to locate one as well... or start searching thru salvage yards...

always a good time..



If you can't locate the stock sub-harness, this is the connector that mates with the CAS optical unit: http://vintageconnections.com/Products/Detail/81


You only need the "female" side, but one of these will allow you to make your own replacement plug for the CAS.

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