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Subaru WRX STi R180 Side Axles

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Sounds simple, but...


1. in a 240z, when you also change to a 1983 280zx 5-speed; do you use the 240z driveshaft or the 280zx driveshaft?


2. oil and LSD lube; total is 1 quart, how much of each, and any particular oil


3. presumably when changing output flanges and input flanges one needs new seals; would these just be the ones I could get from a Subaru dealer


Thanks (and apologies for the simple, and possibly repeated, questions)


The drive shafts are the same. We use the 4-speed drive shaft with the 83 5-speed and the Subaru LSD.


The oil quantity required is approximately 1 quart. Fill the LSD until oil runs out from the fill plug. If you use GL-5 and thje LSD modifers 1 bottle is enoung and is only a few ounces of oil. Add it first and then fill with the GL-5 until full.


Yes, strictly speaking you should change the seals every time the shafts come out. However, many people get away without doing this. If you want to change the seals do it. It is easy and low cost. You can use the Subaru seals or the Datsun seals, they are the same.

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Has anyone had a replacement 240z driveshaft made that mated directly to the Subaru r180 input flange?


Wouldn't that be safer than changing the input flanges? I have heard that if you do not install the input flange back exactly so that it can result in signiificant rearend noise.

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