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LSX powered BMW M3, E36 chassis...

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Couple updates, car is doing fantastic, just over 31,500 miles on the conversion and its been flawless. Daily driven over the past year and half, through the freezing winter here in the Pacific Northwest, trip through the desert mid summer in 107+ degrees, car has been awesome. Only issues that cropped up have been the relay for the back up lights and reverse lock out went bad, cheapo polyurethane Lollipops cracked out replaced with nice solid BMW rubber versions, had a fuel line ahead of the fuel filter swell and leak, have a feeling when I purchased the EFI hose I was given some non EFI rated hose so all hoses have been replaced with known EFI hose just in case and the original 5.3 had oil pressure issues from the start up, knew it wouldn’t last long, was replaced with the addition of 700 more CC’s late July last year. Currently the trans is starting to howl a bit, will rebuild it before it goes into the next project, moving on to a BMW 5 series to install my 6.0L and T56 once I remove it from the M3, (will continue to drive it till someone buys it the chassis sans engine and trans), 


Couple months back finally finished up the speaker box for the single 12” sub. 1.25 cubic feet volume, built so the spare can be retrieved without having to remove the box and being a ski-pass rear seat, took the time to seal the box to the ski pass. That alone made a noticeable difference in the quality and quantity of sound from the sub.





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