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WTB: 240Z, 260Z around PA and tri-state area

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I'm looking for one of two things. Either a very clean roller with everything in tact and not hacked up, or a good driver that might be missing a few things here and there, or need a little work such as body work, or need paint, etc. I would prefer a manual transmission, either a 4-speed or a 5 speed upgrade. Right now, I have a budget for the car of around $2500, or a trade of my '88 MR2, which is my daily driver.


For the rollers, if the motor and trans are out of the car, are they going to be sold with the car or not, as that would affect the price. Anyone looking to sell a good example or roller please contact me via email or on my cell. I'm located in Scranton, PA in the northeast, so I would prefer a car around PA/NJ/NY/VA/MA/CT, etc....thanks again!



Email: [email protected]

Cell: 570-878-0092

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