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I though I was being flippant with that last remark.  

As it turned out only one of the concrete contractors, that had previously bid the project, even bothered to respond with their availability. One out of eight!

I am however, very pleased with who I ended up using. Instead of questioning the over engineered nature of my plans (like most of the others did), he and his two sons simply built a massively strong foundation.foundation1.thumb.jpg.a5d39a271e18e2c80ca8f5677b068d3f.jpg



Waiting now for our nephew, who's a general contractor, to create a materials list from my plans, so I can price the lumber.

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With the help of my nephew, I was able to build and erect these two 12' wall sections on Saturday before the rain started.
Two more days of rain, then at least a week of dry weather ahead. Hoping for some major progress.

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