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Chevy Vortec V6 Datsun 260Z swap

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Hi guys, I have been lookin around on the forums for a couple months now and I really couldn't find a whole lot of info on this swap. I originally planned on doing a 7MGTE swap for my Datsun and after I bought some pistons and rings for the motor, I found a built Vortec V6 that the guy had lying around. His father used it in his Mk.III Supra with a Toyota W58 transmission utilizing a bellhouse adapter. I ended up trading the 7MGTE for the Vortec and 5 speed motorset on account of it already having about 280hp with a little more tq, and most of all I was hoping to achieve a better weight distribution when compared to the 7M and maybe the L26. I was wondering if anyone has accomplished a project such as this. I did find one thread similar but it ended up dying out. So basically I'm looking for any tips or advice anyone can provide for something like this. Thank you in advance guys.

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John Scott is the guy you want to be talking to. He had his engine slammed up to firewall and it looked like you could have easily fit another one in front of it. You could try doing a search or maybe he will see this and chime in. If not, try sending him a PM.

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