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HybridZ Forum Software Change!

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I just upgraded the forum on my website to this latest version of Invision, as well. I have been running Invision for almost 6 years now and I've always liked it.


This default skin blasted me in the eyes like an interrogation lamp, though. The very first thing I did after installing was go find one of the many free skins available to tone all this white down a bit.


I've now modified mine out to where it looks pretty slick. Not perfect, by any means, but easier to look at.


Here's just one link with free skins:



There's plenty more out there, and its not at all difficult to install these.


The Invision Power forum is an excellent resource of IPB help, right on their own website. There's also Invisionize and some others for modding/skinning/etc...

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I made a logo to match the current theme. Did it quickly but it should match ok. Maybe the text should be in white?




That looks better than whats there now!


** Edit, looks like Dan blended it in now... much better!

Edited by J. Soileau RB26zcar

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I just found a good feature for those of us that were having trouble viewing our subscribed threads.

When in "Manage Topics", down the bottom is a drop down box which lets you select how old activity you want to display. For us that use it everyday you can put 1 day.


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OK, I may be 'tarded, but I can't figure out how to get the forum software to put me at the top when I open a thread. It invariably puts me part-way down the page, whether I've opened the thread before or not. I like to start at the top, review what's been said. I've found the option in the user CP with "standard/Linear+", but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Help?

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