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Finally getting round to installing my SBC into my 72 240Z here in the UK using the JTR mount kit, to me the JTR manual is quite specific on which way round the mounts and spacers should go. On page 2-1 Mike states that the spacers go between the block and the set back plates, this is also backed up by the drawing on page 2-4 which asks you to remove material from the Chevy mount for bolt clearance inferring that the offending bolt is one that goes onto the set back plate newly attached to the mount, however if you put the set back plate to the block then this bolt does not interfere with mount as the large spacer takes it away from the Chevy mount.


My only concern is that there may be a good structural reason for doing it the JTR way? It seems preferable to me to put the plates to the block as this eliminates the need to cut out the section in the new mount for bolt clearance.


Any more thoughts anyone?

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