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1971 240z rb25det build thread

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I just got done binge reading the whole thread.. just wanted to say thank you!! for taking the time to explain, taking and posting pics, answering questions and posting links.. I know all of this is time consuming,but you still took the time..

I purchased a 72 240z with a blown head gasket a couple of years back (man..time flies) didn't even give it a second thought.. I knew I wanted an rb engine in it. after sourcing one about a month later, an aggressive tear down began, within a couple of weekends engine, tranny, fuel tank and even the rear end was out of the car..and then.. yep you guess it ..NOTHING!! ... anyways enough of my winning..

Thanks again for your thread.. it's been?? In a word reEnergizing!!


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Looks like you are starting with a nice car. Get motivated and get it done. Don't hesitate to ask if you come across any questions. Putting it all together was so much fun. Most of the time I forgot to take pics of my progress. Thanks for the kind words.

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I just bought my first car. It's a '72 240z. The previous owner said that the engine had some minor problems but after further investigation its too far gone to restore. I guess I'm in the same spot you were some 7 years ago. I'll be using this thread as a bible. Great job on the build, i can only hope mine will turn out as good as yours.^_^


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Posted (edited)

4.6 that is one of my all time favorite dash boards. I have drooled over the idea for a while. Unfortunately it is out of my current budget. I have been working on the car getting it ready. I have been tinkering with the wiring trying to get it all working. Im gonna need to update my wiring guide. I was having issues with the front parking lights coming on when I hit the brakes. I got the remainder of the original sound deadening off the floor pans. I wire wheeled them clean, rust encapsulated them, then put some dynamat down. I also used some fiberbondo to smooth the dash and then some resin as to smooth it even further. Im gonna post some pics of some of teh progress.

attachicon.gifsteering column wiring.jpg

attachicon.gifdynamat 1.jpg

attachicon.gifdynamat 2.jpg

attachicon.gifDash top.jpg

attachicon.gifdash front.jpg

Hey mate, I know this is a very old post but I am doing the exact same thing in my z with the EZ 21 relay. I'm mounting mine in the exact spot as yours I've found, and I'm curious how exactly you did it? It seems the easiest way is to get two long sheet metal screws and just drill em in, is that what you did? if you have any pictures that would also be helpful! Let me know pretty please with sugar on top haha. Regardless, rad build!

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