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84 NA2Turbo : VG33 Build

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michaelp    9

Current "Spec":

9:1 Compression A/B Series VG30ET

Polished LIM

Turbo 260cc Injectors

Nistune with stock European Tune atm

Walbro 255LPH

3" Turbo-back exhaust, mandrel bent /w no cat

Z3R Springs, 300lb/in front, 315lb/in rear

DXD Stage 2 clutch

Custom FMIC setup with 2.5" piping

Manual Boost Controller @ 11psi

Intrepid Electric Fans

Custom turbo inlet /w 3" K&N cone filter

Conquest Wheels




To come:

8.9:1 Compression VG33E - owned

Ported/Polished Upper and Lower intake manifolds - owned

Ported OWO Heads (VG33 heads) - owned

Z31 euro cams, or custom grinds

450cc Injectors (DSM) - owned

Custom Tubular Twin Turbo Manifolds - owned

Upgraded stock T3

3" turboback mandrel bent - owned

DXD Stage 4

Multi-core radiator

New FMIC setup


Z32 Brakes

uh..i had a bigger list at one point, i'll update later when I remember it all.






VG30ET (9:1 CR - blown headgasket now due to overheating)















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michaelp    9

Yupp, I'll be doing some work with all that. Not really sure, I'm expecting full boost no later than 3500rpm, but it may not work out how I plan. If it doesn't, I'll find some different turbos with a different turbine side but similar compressors for better spool, but it should support nearly 500whp.

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michaelp    9

So, today I decided to change my power goals. I have no use for 400-500whp, drag racing isnt my thing. I'm into auto-x and drifting, or just simply playing in the twisties...decided to shoot for around 300whp with a single upgraded T3, then focus on suspension.

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