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RB26DETT swap

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Ok, I've looked at other forums, I've looked everywhere, I've e-mailed tuning shops and online stores looking for someone who knows anything on the RB26DETT swap into the 350z. I know pretty much all the down sides to this, the cost, the work involved all with no guaranty that the motor will even start without grenading, etc. Right now I don't want people telling me its a waste or that I have a prefectly good motor in the car already, and yes I know that the VQ35DE can turn out good numbers with the right work for much less money. I just want someone to tell me either what I'm looking at in detail(parts\tools\man hours) or tell me how to contact someone who will know so I can make the decision myself, I mean ultimately its my time and money.


I really appreciate any help anyone can offer me, if I get this done I will gladly show you all my work :mrgreen:


Oh and I think my friend is going to put the SR20DET into his 240sx (s-13) sooner or later if anyone is interested, I can post pics about that also.

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