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#1172607 Are the 240 and 280 Bad Dog rails the same or close?

Posted by gnosez on 03 June 2016 - 05:08 PM

As being shorter the 280 BDP rails are 4 inches longer and contour of the floors can be seen in the second picture.

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#1169033 Rosco's track car Recirculating tank

Posted by gnosez on 10 April 2016 - 01:01 PM

Here's what came out of the BSR 240 car. Note the "T" welded to the top of the thermostat cover. It connects the top of the radiator to the thermostat and then to the slightly higher expansion tank. Overflow from that go to a catch can mounted in front of the radiator.

Radiator gets a high pressure cap (35lbs) and the expansion tank get an 18.





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#1162889 Track Walk - Dominion Raceway Complex - Thornburg, Va

Posted by gnosez on 10 January 2016 - 12:57 PM

Thanks Mike. The pictures tell a nice story with that uphill ess something to daydream about.

VRG was supposed to hold a vintage event there last year!

I look forward to racing there sometime in the near future.


Up here in NE, Thompson (CT) reopened their road course (oldest in US) two years a go and

and this year Whiskey Hill opened (the first ever in MA). A great place to run but I'm not sure to race.

Two new tracks in NH will open this year (one is a private country club).

#1137891 arizona 4bbl intake

Posted by gnosez on 14 March 2015 - 05:17 PM

Have Bob Sharp Intake available. Recently powder coated and I can get Bob to sign it if you like.