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LS1/LS6 280Z freeway pull

By Bigdeezs, 02/28/10

Random guy pacing me on the freeway one day so I gave him a show...sometime later I randomly found this vid!...awesome!

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I dont understand how it was a random guy. Either it was you taping, or you were driving. I suspect you were driving the Z. By you saying you randomly found the vid sometime later, was that on youtube or another video sharing source, or was it by your friend who tapped you? I dont know why, but i just wanna know out of curiosity kinda eagerly lol :D

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Yeah I was driving...I found the clip on youtube a few months later. I did not know the guy who taped it or even that he taped it...I thought he was taking a picture. I pulled off the freeway some 40 miles after this clip and he followed me to the gas station asking about the car while I tanked up...nice guy.

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