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LS2 240z at Ohio Mile, June 2015 174mph

My fastest run to date.  Rule book dictates a LOT of chassis mods and more safety spending at 175mph.  Kept getting hassled for not dropping parachute even though one is not required until above 175.  However rule book states that once car is capable of 175, the chute must be popped on any run over 150-funny technicality.  Anyway, this video shows the phenomenon known as bump steer.  When I applied my brakes, the nose drops, the suspension toes-out and the car wants to steer itself.  Not fun at 174.  Not fun at 150 either.  Toe-ed in front end and it helped, but made car unstable on acceleration when nose is up.  Gotta re-work geometry to stop the bump steer (or at least limit it) and reduce suspension travel, likely thru stiffer springs.  Winter work.

Great run! The gap between the rear view mirror and the far landscape really shows the down force throughout the video.

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