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Green Hornet at Laguna Seca posts 1:38.4

And so the lap times and opposition continue to tumble !

You gotta love that. The car appears so stock. Looks like you have all the systems working together well. I am curious as to which gearbox is in that car?


Neat video.


Greg Ira

The gearbox is a custom LCR Hybrid FS5W71C unit.
It uses a very close ratio Albins gear-set (2.4 first & 1:1 fifth), 'dogleg' shift pattern, custom main-shaft, Short shifter conversion, billet forks & uses some factory 'Option' gearbox parts in it as well.

It's an amazing gearbox to use.


More info can be found here: http://lescollinsrac.../3435cc-z-racer

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