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TimZ dyno pull 11182016

By TimZ, 11/19/16

My latest. best dyno pull...


694hp, 633 lb-ft

  • L-Series with a diesel crank, Cunningham Rods and Diamond Forged pistons, 7.5cr, 3.0L
  • Block fitted with BMW under piston oil squirters
  • N42 head - still has an open chamber, but the piston dish provides a quench area
  • Dart ceramic coatings on pistons, combustion chambers and exhaust ports
  • Isky cam (Ron picked one out for me ;) )
  • SFP exhaust manifold (the one everybody hates), modded with slip joints to end the warping/cracking issues
  • TWM 45mm ITBs on a Mikuni manifold, modified for two injectors per cylinder 32lb/hr primary. 160lb/hr secondary
  • Custom plenum with HKS blow-off valve
  • GT4294R with a Mamba billet extended tip compressor wheel
  • a new proper Weldon 2025A pump
  • Three holley hydramat pickups plumbed in parallel
  • MOAR BOOST!!! 35PSI on E85

Long, long list of mods to this car - hard to remember them all!

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