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Datsun 240Z BRE - Racing from Inside!

A Datsun 240Z BRE Replica racing and winning in Copenhagen Historic Gran Prix 2009 - In Denmark.

The 240Z BRE Replica has a L24 engine that produces 280HP
and it goes from 0-60mph (0-100kmph) in just around 4.5 seconds! :-)

The driver in the video is "Ronny Bremer" Professional rally driver from Denmark.

The cars he overtakes is:

1:52 in Video - Yellow: BMW 2002 (Driver: Jan Magnussen - 3 times Le Mans 24h winner)
6:10 in Video - Red&White: Ford Escort BDA (Driver: Jackie Oliver - Famous British Racing Driver)
7:08 in Video - Blue&White: Porsche 911 (Driver: David Brabham - Le mans Driver)

The Datsun legend John Morton witch won American Series in 70/71 in the original BRE 240Z Racer
- He drove by the way, this car under Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2008
but did not produce the same results because of some technical difficulties.

Hope you will enjoy, and make a comment :-)

Greetings from Denmark!

Love this video Makes me want to take a class :D
Beautiful sound!
almost lost it when he missed that last shift! Awesome video. Beautiful car
Forgot to mention that the engine is build by Rebello Racing USA :)

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