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  2. Barrel_Ball

    1978 280Z (project name: Mothra)

    I managed to get a few minutes in the garage last week to test fit my tail lights before I started to freeze, and I'm very happy with how it's going to look. You may have also noticed a different set of wheels in earlier pictures, with one of them showing up in this update. These are STR 523 six spokes (15x8", 0 offset). These were the closest thing I could get to a 280zx wheel that was bigger than 14", but I like them. Anyway, I had a crazy idea, and called up my friend with his vinyl cutter... This is supposed to be a cross between Datsun's "Shift into awesome" ads for the 280zx turbo with the manual gearbox, and Nissan's "Shift_" ad campaign. Figured I'd bring two different eras together for this little thing, much like what I'm trying to do with the rest of the car.
  3. 77CarolinaZ

    Hello from North Carolina

    Great to have found HybridZ Forums. Have been reading lots of useful zinformation for 2-3 hours and decided to register. This red ‘77 280Z is my 4th Z recently purchased in November 2018. In my late 20s to early 30s I owned a ‘73 240Z, ‘75 280Z and ‘74 260Z in that order. Of course they were fairly new back in the day. That’s me in 1979 with my silver ‘75 280Z. Wish I could have kept it. LOL Yes, I absolutely love these beautiful S30 Datsuns. Look forward to the forums here being a great resource for maintaining our 40+ year old cars. It’s a passion and love affair!
  4. gnosez


    The first three and 4-5-6 each connect to a 3 to 1 collector with each having their own exhaust pipe. This was built back in the day by the guys at BSR and it required some changes to the motor and diff mounts to clear the steering coupler,
  5. Yesterday
  6. tamo3

    New music Video with S30

    New music video with S30 Hiroji Miyamoto's "Fuyu no Hana" WInter Flower
  7. Michael

    Is this site dead?

    Miata.net itself admits that its search-function is subpar. Recommendation from the more venerable members there, is to search for a topic via Google, thereby finding the right Miata.net thread. For purposes of troubleshooting or getting advice on repairs or minor upgrades, it's fantastic. For things like V8 swaps into Miatas, the utility of the site is more suggestive than explicit. Then there's miataturbo.net. Rather sophomoric and dismissive attitude by veterans towards newbies, but the intent is noble: they're trying to keep the site technical and useful for rigorous instruction, rather than water-cooler blather. Much of their content leans toward electronics and tuning... probably of use to the turbo and fuel-injection-oriented people on HybridZ. And yes, that Manta is spectacular!
  8. jonbill


    I've just finished a Speeduino 0.4.3c ignition only install on my car. It uses a 36-1 crank damper trigger wheel and a TPS with a Bosch clone wasted spark coil pack and igniter setup. Probably about £250 all in but could be done cheaper I'm sure.
  9. If you have to move the shifter 3.5 inches your engine is way forward of where mine is. No idea why. PS I have the complete engine and trans from 04 GTO. Swapped shifters, oil pan and alternator to F body. But I made sure the GTO stuff for sure would not fit first. Just my experience on only one car, I am no expert. HTH, Richard.
  10. Nelsonian

    wtb : set of coil overs for 240z

    I have a barely used, as in 4k or less used by the former Vildini Motorsports silver shop car. Vildini Motorsports did the work on these and ran them on their SR20det swapped shop car for less than 4k miles then decided to go the S13 suspension and brake route. I purchased these along with their Arizona Z Car, Wilwood brake kit, (which I am selling also) at that time then had them powder coated gloss black and put into my storage where they have been ever since. I also soaked these in Evaporust recently to remove any surface rust /patina forming over the years. This is all in great, barely used condition. Kit includes Ground Control coil over conversion kit with Hyperco coils in 225# and 250#, Tokiko Illumina 5 way adjustable shocks. Everything you see in the pics.Contact PM if interested.
  11. Final price would hinge on the bracket cost, really $130+bracket at this point. This style of bushing is captive and should be much stiffer than the oem style cup isolator, and with the height adjustment, there should be more room available for say r30a swaps... If anyone wants to volunteer to be a test mule, please chime in or pm.
  12. Last week
  13. carlos042916

    L30 non stroker

    Hi everyone does anyone know or have done an l30 stroker motor and what were your combo
  14. JMortensen

    Manual Pedal Assembly

    I believe there are differences in the pedal assemblies, although I can't tell you what they are. The pedal box is the same between stick and auto, just use different pedals, so if you could find a 280 brake and clutch pedal you should be good to go.
  15. I'm converting a 77 280z to a manual, was auto from factory, as well as ls swap. I'm having a hard time finding a clutch pedal assembly for the 280z. I have found a bunch for the 240z and was wondering if they will fit. I would assume they would. But I am new to the Z world. Any help would be greatly appreciate! Thanks in advance!
  16. Zlived

    Parting1981 280zxt coupe t top

    Don’t have it was in bad shape
  17. Jughead

    rusted hatch slam panel

    I fell (felt) your pain. Here are pics of my rear hatch repair journey - presented for reference and posterity. There was VERY little rust evident when I started. Then I picked a paint flake. I used 3M body panel adhesive and a Harbor Frieght Spot welder to mount he repair panel and recommend both. Let m know if you have any questions. I learned the hard way.
  18. This is kind of a strange one. Test fitting my new frame rails from BD which state they are interchangeable side-to-side, however the stock passenger side rail on my '76 280 is totally different than the driver's side. On the inside edge facing the trans tunnel it is flat along the floor unlike the other the other rails which are contoured. It's also 1.5-2" taller on that side, so if I were to fit the replacement rail over it, it wouldn't reach all the way up to the floor. I've found a couple threads from 2008 referencing the same issue. Can anyone that's installed these on a 280 comment on how they got around this? Measurements in the below pics are taken from both sides of the same rail (passenger).
  19. Bump - and status update: Hood #2 is still available $300 Headlight housings (metal left and right) are still available - reduced to $80 each Fender still available $250 - see update pictures with sandblasted lower corner. Sold one hatch and I am holding onto the other one for now (I may need it after all). I have had pretty good luck shipping large items via Greyhound - much cheaper than FedEx or UPS.
  20. Silver Mine Motors

    240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    The car is pretty much done. 1600 miles of reliable driving on her so far. I live just 2 miles away from stunt road and many other empty canyon roads. This car is so pretty fast! Feeling more confident to drive to some auto-x events and such. Here are some pics.
  21. I have an original 240z radiator that has been cleaned and restored (oil cooler not included) and a R180 rear from a 73 240z. The R180 comes with the axles. Shipping of the rear is probably not doable but I could ship the radiator. -$100 for each -Located in Durham North Carolina
  22. trackzpeed

    TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Not much to report. It’s been a rough year in far NorCal. Record fires last summer, and record snow this winter. Lost tress and fencing around the property and had to shut down the office a few days without power anywhere. Hoping and praying for an un-eventful weather pattern for spring and summer with plenty of opportunity to run the Z.
  23. dinoreal

    Manual Pedal Assembly

    Hello all, I am looking for a manual pedal assembly for a 77 280z. I am located in Aiken, SC and am willing to travel some to pick it up but I'd rather have it shipped. Let me know what you got and how much you want for it. Thanks in advance. PS I am new to the Z world so if there is another way I to put a clutch in my car, please let me know! Its an automatic from the factory.
  24. MatthewFreeman1

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Super excited to see these finished!! I’m leaving in July for a year. Traveling for Uncle Sam lol. But if you could hold a pair for me, I’d love to buy a full set when I return! Can’t wait to get my 280 up and running.
  25. Edited my above post to reflect some other stuff I found.
  26. NO Finned cover left ! TURBO MOTOR SOLD updated in the top.
  27. Dang I can't find the link from a couple years ago. I think I saw something on Kameari's website about reproducing new castings of the mk63 calipers. They had pics of the rough castings pre machining. I had to translate the japanese obviously. I can't find it on their site now. It was awhile ago though maybe it wasn't Kameari. Parts Assist M Speed has the new units though. I know I wasn't on their site when I saw the post about the castings from a couple years back. These were a factory Z, hako, caliper for vented rotor. I'd run these. Not sure what the "stock" rules mean in his class but the mk63's were the road racing caliper back in the day weren't they? (I don't know too much about the old factory race car setups from back in the day) I've always assumed the mk63's were the homologation brake for one of the lower sports car classes. https://www.rhdjapan.com/parts-assist-m-speed-mk63-4pot-caliper-brake-kit-s30-s31-b110-gc10-kpgc10-pgc10-kgc10-kpc10-pc10-gc110-gc111-gc210-gc211.html *I would ignore the rotor diameter callout in the RHD description. Also, found this on the "other forum" should be some info in here. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/56999-looking-for-a-set-of-sumitomo-calipers-mk63/ Kameari should have a stock vented disc http://www.kameariengineworks.co.jp/Catalogue-v3/catalogue-075-20160731.pdf
  28. Let me know what you have , thanks
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