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  2. I'm going to disagree with that last part. Recaro LS/LX seats go for a good bit of money. I don't believe that's what your seats are, but there are other classic models that bring quite a bit. The random logo would definitely decrease their value though.
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  4. Agree, may be OK for crash protection but no good for chassis reinforcement, particularly on one side.
  5. Another vote for strong frame rails no matter what the application. What i do is weld some RHS along the pinch well and brace it back into the body in a few places. A bonus is it can be used as jacking/stand points, very handy.
  6. Thanks all for the info! I will probably end up going with an l28e or l28et and go from there. but now I have a baseline!
  7. Hi This Is Jack Auto part here,Any one need Auto parts including exhaust pipe,Manifold,fuel injector,brakers or others,Pls feel free to let me know.Here attached some items for your reference .Thanks every guy for your support!
  8. Hey so I'm having a bit of trouble with my ignition after someone hit my 1978 280z in a parking lot which caused the 12v ignition wire (black/white) at the ignition coil positive to get pinched and shorted to body. This caused the ignition switch fusible link to smoke (and some smoke off the ignition switch itself) when I was cranking the car over before I knew the 12v black/white wire had shorted. I have temporarily hotwired a on/off toggle switch direct off the battery to the coil so I could start it, it fired right up which tells me it's something to do with the wiring/ignition
  9. Not much, honestly. Old Recaros come on the market all the time, sometimes in new/newish condition, and I never see them bring much.
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  11. Cool, would they be worth anything if I sold them separate? I was wondering because the logo was all over the interior in the door cards and stuff. the logo is also imprinted on the gas cap
  12. Greg, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately you don't see superchargers much anymore, replaced by the ubiquitous turbo. I'm looking forward to your adventures with your supercharger.
  13. The seats look like old school Recaros (two different models). As to the upholstery, unfortunately there are thousands of places that can recover a seat. I have no idea the significance of the "atom" symbol. Assuming the seats were...newish...when they were upholstered, it well could have been done decades ago.
  14. I am looking at this car and it has these custom seats, door cards, center console. Does anyone know a company that did this kit the guy said it was like that when he bought it 4 years ago. I have no idea how old this would be
  15. I am very interested in seeing how this pans out. For some reason i can't seem to find any threads that have the swap 100% done (though I can see that they are out there as people reference them). I'll grab some popcorn and watch you finish it in this build!
  16. Digital fish scale. 600lbs capacity. Assume +-5% error or to within nearest pound, whichever is greater. R200 open diff, no oil, with cover, no stub axles, including front yoke: 70 R180 from Subaru STI w/ helical LSD, no oil or stub axles, with cover and front yoke: 56 280z halfshafts (drive axles), with diff stub axles attached, left and right: 31 280z front diff mount: 3.1
  17. My l24 has 274 bhp and is a blast to drive and perfect for the street. As easy as stock to handle. But the costs are in the 6 to 8k range.
  18. @AydinZ71, great idea....but you may just want to add to the existing thread, same topic.
  19. Just got My head back from Steve’s Machine Shop in Azusa, CA. Here are some pictures and specs. Looking forward to getting her on and running. - N42 head as a core - exhaust valve and seats fabricated to 35mm to meet OEM L24 diameter (race spec limited ). N42 came with 38mm exhaust valves - chambers debured, ground and polished - valve seats deshrouded and some clearance added to exhaust valve seat. - ports ground to 1” into runner, and port matched to manifold (race spec limited) - deck machined to a volume of 38.5cc - with gasket volume and a piton-
  20. Hi everyone, I am working on a new project. I have created a way to install a belt driven screw type supercharger and intercooler onto a L28 engine while using a off the shelf exhaust header. I searched this forum but found nothing about doing this the way I have come up with. It involves building a custom intake manifold and intercooler but it should work just fine. I have some tech help from some friends and I have the design done. I just need to get the intake manifold completed. That’s my biggest concern so if it physically fits I’ll move forward wi
  21. Hi & Thanks! Your points are well taken. I guess I just want a little lower cruise RPM. That or a higher speed limit! I have seen many videos of “Panchos Garage” and enjoy it very much! I’ll take check your thread. I too am partial to fuel injection. Works great at any altitude! I have a new plan to add a belt driven super charger so I’ll be fine in the torque department. I’ll search for any related posts on that subject before starting a new post but I am pretty sure that my plan is a unique one so stay tuned! I will also check my differe
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  23. Half shafts, brakes and tons of aftermarket goodies. Adjustable everything, anti-squat, adjustable toe curve.
  24. You are correct. The CD009 has a 3.78 first gear vs. 3.21 for the RS5R30A. I have a 3.7 diff which is the same as the z32. For me, the gearing is good, no real complaints. Regarding weight, yah, it's heavy, weighing in at around 150 lbs (2x stock 4spd) but it fit in the tunnel of my 240z with no mods required - at least that I recall, and I'm reusing the existing transmission mounts.
  25. The extra gear doesn't get you more than your current trans either. I'm pretty sure it has a shorter first but it's 6th is nearly the same as your fifth. Very tight gearing. I've considered it, but it's huge and I'm not sure would work great with my 3.9 rear. I know some are running that, but most have agreed that 1st in particular is just way too short, especially if you have a turbo.
  26. I was mainly looking to get a differential with a lock and capability to take a serious amount of torque. I was also intrigued by the more modern double wishbone type of suspension setup which offers very good adjustment options. There is also at least a theoretical benefit over macpherson in terms of keeping the camber gain negative throughout the whole suspension travel whereas in the macpherson strut suspension, the camber gain turns positive with larger outwards travel.
  27. Haha thanks. i really learn a lot from all those documents. And i have more on the way here. And i don't think i even posted all here in this thread since it's a build thread and not about documents
  28. I have a Weiand 144 super charger on a SBC 350 I drove the car about 5 miles turned it off for about an hour, when I restarted the motor it was idling for about a minute when the engine made a labored kind of sound and died, when I tried to re-start the engine it would not turn over, I put the car in fourth gear and rocked it and it broke free, I tried starting it again but it turned over slow, I tried jumping it and it still turned slow, I had a thought and pulled the belt and tried to start it again it cranked normal and fired right up. I tried turning the drive pully by hand and it would no
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