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  2. Thanks, I found that post, but it doesnt seem to go into detail about the carbs that much. More about restoring a 73 back to stock. I'm going to try to plug any vacuum leaks I have. The car also has a loud exhaust leak at the manifold, wonder if I have a bad leak on the intake as well possibly causing a big vacuum leak. Wish I could get this thing running long enough to diagnose what the heck is going on without pulling the motor apart first.
  3. Yes. There used to be a bolt-in harness bar available that bolted in right above there; not sure if it's still produced. just curious...why are you asking?
  4. What are you trying to do? Wouldn't just using a different transmission be vastly cheaper and easier?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Does anyone know if this measurement is the same from 240z to 280z? I have 53.75" just above the middle circle. I'm assuming it is, but just wanted to double check. Thanks Joe
  7. If there end up being aftermarket gear sets let me know (and maybe I can save myself some effort) This build is still in the planning stages. So I am asking now before I pull two transmissions apart. Are there any differences in shaft diameter between the gear boxes, (or other differences for that matter) which would prevent me from swapping the 1st through 3rd from a F4W71B 4-speed to a later model 5-speed? (In short, are the gears compatible?) If there is already a post on this I apologize. I could not find anything searching, and the search function kept breaking itself.
  8. Do you still have the hazards / choke, and I'll grab the distributor off you.
  9. Hello,

    I have an Auto Garage, since we receive a lot costumer for brake job, i'm planing to order big quantity of brake pads and discs. But the problem is that i don't have the brake part numbers (OEM Numbers) for all the makes. So, where can i find all the brake part number for all makes?

    Thx for your help.

  10. Hello, I have an Auto Garage, since we receive a lot costumer for brake job, i'm planing to order big quantity of brake pads and discs. But the problem is that i don't have the brake part numbers (OEM Numbers) for all the makes. So, where can i find all the brake part number for all makes? Thx for your help.
  11. I think you're gonna find a lot more info on people swapping VK's into their 350 and 370z's. However, most of the information you'll glean from them applies to our cars as well. https://mckinneymotorsports.org/vk56de/datsun-240260280z-s30-vk56de-motor-mounting-kit This link is very confusing as it clearly says it's for a VK56 mount in a 240z...yet when you click on it, it brings you to a VQ mount...maybe it's the same mount? I'd shoot them a message if you want to use their parts for this swap before spending money to make sure it'll work.
  12. Sorry never got notified of your reply, if you're still interested i will take more pictures later this evening.
  13. McKinney Motorsports is the only s30 I've seen. Rebuild prices are pretty high for the vk56 if you need head work, no off the shelf piston upgrades exist either. Great engine but expensive to upgrade, camshafts are available from JWT and Kelford, oversized valves and springs as well. The camshaft lifter buckets are the killer in price due to a design change and being $8-20 a piece for 32 valves to correctly set the lash it adds up quick. There is a pretty good following for the vk56 on Facebook, look for the vknation group and you'll find some good knowledge available from guys on there.
  14. Wow I can't believe it's already been a year (married, house sale, moving, etc.) but this build goes on. Just dropped off the random stroker parts, spare n42 and p90 head I had laying around to Rebello earlier today. Figured it would be easier to drop them off at his shop which is local to me rather than keep moving them around while we're getting re-rooted. The new engine setup will be a 3.1 stroker, knife edged ld28 stroker crank, forged rods, pistons, p90 solid lifter head with supertech valves, headwork custom cam, ported mikuni short runner etc. Hopefully done in a few months and hopefully ready to throw back in if we can close on a new house sometime next year. Still need to decide on a compression ratio. Apparently my p90 head is straight and virgin according to Dave when he measured it out earlier today. I'm thinking 8.5:1 for safety on pump gas and off boost response but Brian and Dave mentioned we could go up to 9:1 if we shave the head. Seems risky esp with 91 CA pump gas. Car will be primarily street with some track time @ laguna seca which is my closest track. Any thoughts? I should probably add the custom pistons have a quench area which matches the p90 head. Dave was talking me through the benefits but some of the details were over my head having never built a stroker turbo motor myself.
  15. Has anyone put in a universal tilt steering column? I am thinking of putting in a flaming river or ididit column to get the tilt functionality and also make rewiring a ton easier. Has anyone done this? I found a couple of threads but nothing concrete. Thanks
  16. Don't throw them away yet. A few of the folks over at Classic Zcar Club (classiczcars.com) are very knowledgeable about flat tops and state they are actually superior to round tops in many ways. The best thread on the subject is "We're bringin' back the Flat Tops".
  17. Considering the flange is solid between all runner, the answer would be no.
  18. Hello, i have some cash ready to purchase an engine for my '73 240z project. I found out that the vk56de is a very capable engine and can handle alot of power. They are inexpensive and widely available. My power goal has been 400 hp and i think it would be cheaper to build this engine to 400 hp than it would be to build an rb25det to 400hp. And it could probably stay n/a too. Also mating it to a CD009 trans is cheaper than mating an rb25 to a CD009. However, i cant seem to find much info on successful swaps of this engine into a 240z. Can anyone tell me how big of an endeavor this would be? is it possible? Or any links to somewhere i can find some detailed information about this. and no i dont want to do an LS or SBC, id like to keep the engine in the nissan family. Thank you!
  19. I keep a youtube with some footage from current and past seasons. Trying to add more data overlays, but your mileage may vary!
  20. I have a full KA/SR trans swap that I'd sell. Trans + shifter, crossmember for the 280z, and driveshaft.
  21. Last week
  22. I haven't done the cooling mod. To be honest I don't know at the moment.
  23. Anyone doing the cooling mod shouldnt have issues cutting this flange to make it work. but to answer your question, im betting that’s a definite no.
  24. Just more fitting of the fenders. I just have it taped in place, but it appears that the front passenger side fits vastly better than the driver's side.
  25. So you have some major vacuum leaks? This will make it difficult to run, and the carbs won't provide the correct mixture. This will be the case with flat or round tops. These carbs don't take much to get running, I think I plugged just about every vacuum port on mine and poured fuel into the bowls and it idled just fine. I did do gasket kits on mine before I ever tried to run them, so ymmv.
  26. Over the years I have gotten messages from members about having to remember to donate every year to support our forums and that it would be nice to only have to do it once. So, I changed the donation system to make any member who donates $100 or more to become a lifetime donating member. Nothing else has changed just a heads up to you guys, Thanks for your support! Dan
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