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  2. Motor Sport Auto (MSA) in California sells carpet kits. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic08g06c/40-2584
  3. Yes, fenders are made and hood is mounted. Progress is slow, had to make every single Molds for this build.
  4. Got started, though it runs terribly. A couple weeks back I tried to start it but no go. No power to the fuel pump, which I traced to no power to the pcm, which turned out to be a blown fuse in the engine bay relay panel. Once I got power to the fuel pump, it still wouldn’t start, which turned out to be a bad fuel pump. Dropped the tank last night put the new fuel pump module in. Now it starts right up, but idles horribly and dies. Also has a noise that sounds like pulleys rubbing that I have yet to track down. Posted on ls1tech to see if I can get some direction there. Not sure where to start, but I ordered an OBD2 scanner, and some new plugs. The way it surges, it seems like it doesn’t have enough gas. https://youtu.be/z89RhxHcLBQ
  5. Hey all I just picked up this Mikuni manifold and was wondering what these normally sell for. I have searched around and I couldn't find much info on these manifolds, just that for a short time Mikuni produced these along with their 44's as a package deal. Thanks for any info
  6. Nice, we'll see if I can make it. I'm already planning to run the road course with NASA the weekend before so the wife will take some extra convincing if I'm going to make it happen.
  7. Leon, I think stupid_fast will also be at the autox at sonoma September 14th... You should come out. Fuel filter issue or not.
  8. Looks like my issue is solved. Found a supplier in Germany which I will try for the floor mats. Cheers, joost
  9. Nice, the Trackmasters guys always put on a good event. I've been wanting to take my Z out to one but I need to sort some running issues which is probably just a clogged fuel filter...
  10. Something tells me you've been busy out enjoying the relatively mild summer we've had versus spending time in the new garage... I don't blame you. :-) That said, I signed up for an autox at Sonoma for September 14th in order to give me a kick in the butt to sort my car out. Would be cool to see you at a cars and coffee with the Velo Rossa sometime.
  11. Thanks Rossman. Yeah I have been active on the other other z car forums and I posted this and someone tried to scam me. I've never rebuilt a trans but I did rebuild my engine so might give it a go. Thanks for your suggestions.
  12. Welded R200 and stock half shafts. Heres one that was on the car for the 9 second pass.
  13. According to this post it's IceHound's Z. profile images... https://forums.hybridz.org/profile/4193-icehound/content/?type=gallery_image
  14. You might have better luck asking stock zcar questions on www.classiczcars.com. That forum is geared more towards stock cars. Why not purchase a used one and have it rebuilt? Better yet, rebuild it yourself. I know there is at least one rebuild documented on this site. Most of us on HZ would look for a more modern upgrade that can handle additional power. And on that note, a 240sx gearbox is an easy upgrade. I went with a z32 gearbox but that requires an adapter plate and machining of the bell housing. 350z, CD09 6 spd is a great one too and you can still buy the kits.
  15. Damn. After redoing the struts, performance springs, all the bushings and linkages, my 280zxt is driving great. So I am starting a quest to hunt down the last clanks and rattles. Tightening all the screws and backings on the trim and dash. Also replacing or repairing weather striping when I can. I've got the windows sealing well by stuffing other small seals in the grooves behind the original seals to puff them back out. But my door seals are dry and cracking in half in places. Was hoping to find some on-line. Guess not.
  16. Any progress on this? Thinking of doing the same project for a future build
  17. Last week
  18. The R33 GTST uses a shortnose R200. It'll be a similar solution when using a 240sx or even Infiniti Q45 diff. You'll need custom axles, which will connect to a custom hub. Techno Toy Tuning makes that setup.
  19. Very impressive, are you still running the stock rear and drive axles? I thought I could see a cv boot in one picture but not 100% on that.
  20. Hi everyone its my first post I’ve been doing a lot of research but haven’t come across any info on this theme. Is anyone running a r200 from a r33 in their 240z and if so which cc axles are you using or what could possible work with this setup? Thanks in advance
  21. Nevertheless, the question remains topical. Of the three links in this thread, two are dead; only the Longchamp link still works. Writing in 2019, it is parlously difficult to find wheels in 114.3 mm 4-lug pattern, with the appropriate backspacing, to fit an S30 Z. Coilovers help, owing to reduce spring-diameter, but only so much... assuming removal/relocation of the spring perch. In other words, the search today, is harder than the search 8 years ago, which in turn, is harder than the search 19 years ago, when this site started. The only popular 4-lug RWD car for wheel-fitment, with good aftermarket support, is the Mazda Miata. It enjoys good aftermarket wheel choices, for light wheels at reasonable prices. But the bolt-pattern is 100mm, not 114.3. In today's market, the "best" option would be something custom, or perhaps with a blank center custom-drilled to accommodate the S30... or alternatively, a 5-lug conversion. And that observation, I humbly submit, merits an update of a 8-year-old thread.
  22. Plug works perfectly. Also allows me to have the wire in a perfect line.
  23. You would have to drill and tap it. Also find a way to secure the coil better. Blake only allows for 1 attachment point. My bracket has the ring so the coil is rock solid. Either he or I will sell the brackets. Just waiting on a response from him
  24. As someone who already has the Blake bracket what were the things that bothered you? I haven't moved forward with purchasing the Ford coils yet so using the 350z coils instead would be appealing to me.
  25. Message me plz! I need a set of the 3 piece spoiler for my 280z! stevenlovescheddar@yahoo.com
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