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    @seattlejester KYB shocks were installed months before the clunk began, I know what you mean by the spacers and didnt need to use any as the struts sit fine in their housings. I should have mentioned, that before doing the mustache bar bushings, diff mount+straps, trans mounts, I had much much worse clunk then I have now. after all that work was completed I had no clunking or noise from the rear end for a few months of driving. now all of a sudden I have this new clunk but its slightly different sounding compared to the original clunk which was solved at the time by the work mentioned above. I dont really ever launch the car so dont know, but will try tomorrow. as for the gland nuts I guess I can pull the halfshaft and check the torque because I did replace that wheel bearing recently, lets say about 2 months ago? @jhm I really really hope its a bad bushing in the rear LCA! I just visually inspected them yesterday but that doesnt mean too much I guess, aside from just staring them down I will try and see if I can stick a flat bar in there and check if theres a lot of play. for the wheels I have swapped them back to front and still the same issue, shaky steering wheel at certain highway speeds, otherwise its quite a SMOOTH (lol..) ride. I wouldnt be surprised if the el cheapo tire shop I took them to did a bad job or missed a out of round wheel/flat spot on tire, they have a very basic and old tire balancer so wont be using them anymore. will look for a shop that does road force measurements and try again. I plan to update this whenever I figure out the issue. and last but not least.. @NewZed its quite funny you mention satisfying intuition. when I saw that you had replied to the thread for the first time I said to myself, I remember this guy oh boy this will be good... and lo and behold it was! but I do really appreciate the grammar lessons, seriously I do. seems I must have rubbed you the wrong way by saying I 'hated this car' or something, and thats too bad as I was really hoping we could be good old buddies..😭.. oh well
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