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  1. thanks! Gosh I’m not sure how to adjust the res of the photo’s uploaded here. I can try e-mailing them to myself and uploaded from a computer instead of from my phone. The pictures themselves are huge files on the iPhone. Here is a vid I posted on IG today. Got my rear suspension in thanks to the helpful folks here at HybridZ @JMortensen, @jhm, @Ben280 And more IMG_5985.MP4
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  2. Hey, I had several of yall inquire about the L28 bell housing dimensions to aid in designing of other transmission adapters. Here are the deminsions that I used to make my adapter for the L28 side. These measurements were taken by CMM from a Nissan 5 spd transmission bell housing, so they are as accurate as the factory castings can be. All the points are referenced from the center of the input shaft bearing bore. I have found the dimensions to work VERY well with my adapters. I would ask that if you use these dimensions to make any parts other then for yourself that you donate s
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