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  1. Just had a long talk with Rob. He has some valid points but mostly they are just so busy that it kind of has been pushed aside from a social media standpoint. He was hesitant to post numbers because he knows he can get more out of it with a better tune. The owner of the car loves the head and has zero complaints about it. The problem is Rebello is just so busy all the time that they take forever on a regular build. Add the complexity of the KN20 and waiting a year for a motor is a real buzz kill. Other avenues are being explored to speed it up and at the request of Rebello I'm now selling the heads with guides and seats installed. This has been a major time vampire for them and has caused a ton of delays. I built a custom head oven and purchased a nitrogen dewar. Made custom installation drifts for the guides and seats. I've done 2 heads so far and it has gone really well. I'm big on the science and realistically, heat soaking a new head and nitrogen chilling the seats and guides is the way to go. If you are using brute force then you are broaching. I think it's especially critical on a new casting. Now for the good news. Rob is putting the car back on the dyno for a new tune and they will be doing a complete writeup including pictures of the install and will be posting them soon. We can put away the pitchforks now:)
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