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  1. I agree with @rturbo 930.....if you plan to upgrade the front brakes, I'd go with something other than the Toyota calipers. Those things weigh a ton and it's all unsprung weight. There are numerous options/kits out there that incorporate aluminum calipers and vented rotors. Also, if you ARE upgrading the front brakes, why would you want to keep solid front rotors? Those are actually the biggest achilles heel of the OEM system, as they are prone to overheating when subjected to sustained, intensive use. Since you've already swapped the rears for discs, I'm assuming that you've also gone with a bigger MC? If not, that should be on your near-term list. I know your question is focused on brakes and suspension, but have you upgraded your seats? That alone can make a huge difference in driving pleasure and comfort. Lots of good choices from Recaro, Sparco, etc....and there's a couple good threads here on seat swaps. Your combo sounds super nice -- I hope you're enjoying it!!
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