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  1. This whole time of building my SBZ (75 280z w/ SBC 350), Ive planned on running the Holley Street Avenger 670CFM carburetor. But I had a friend talk me into thinking about an EFI system, specifically the FiTech GO EFI 4. Ive been doing quite a bit of research, and it looks like a great product with a lot of benefits. My question is, has anyone on here used it, or anything like it, and are there any major complications I need to be aware of before I bite the bullet. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Just like the topic states, im in need of a straight 240z grill. I dont care if it has surface rust. I intend on painting it anyways, but would like to start off with a straight grill. Let me know prices! Thanks
  3. scaotty

    The SBZ

  4. Thanks a lot everyone! Sounds like I would be biting off more than I can chew. Plus for what Im building this car for, it would make no sense. Thanks again everybody,
  5. I have a 75 280z that im swapping a 350 SBC into. At the moment Im rolling with the factory rear end, with future plans of swapping into a Gen I 300zx LSD. But Ive been offered a Ford 9inch rear end for free, and im curious how crazy of a job it is getting it into a 280z. I see from searching on here that it can be done, but I dont want to tackle something I can handle. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  6. That does look great! Thats about the color I'm going with. Viper red is what I've chosen. And I agree, it is a ton of work. I decided to weld/shave almost every seam, spot weld, and factory imperfection. Cant wait till its done
  7. scaotty

    T5 Help

    I picked up a Borg Warner T5 for literally next to nothing. The guy said it was out of a 94 V6 Camaro and that it was non world class. I found the id tag on it (1352-245), typed it into www.5speeds.com/t5/ and it tells me I have a GM 1994 Camaro/Firebird V6 World Class. Right after i bought the thing I re-read the JTR manual to see if this tranny would work with my project (75 280z / Gen I 350 1 Piece rear main seal). It explained that one of the differences between the V6 and the V8 T5's are the splines on the input shaft. V8 having 26, and V6 having 14(i believe). The spline count on my input shaft is 26...The other thing I've noticed is that in that JTR manual it states that the newest Camaro T5 that will work is a 92. Mine of course is a 94. Bottom line is, I'm wondering if anyone out there knows whether this tranny will work with my motor or not. Thanks for reading.
  8. How do you like that intake? Ive been looking at those and the double ones.
  9. Thanks for the reply John. I got the HZ3099's but I have a feeling the same applies. Another thing I noticed is that the nut that threads onto the top of the Tokico only wants to thread down until the nut is about flush with the top of the threads. Do i need to stack washers or something to make up that space between the top of the insulator and the nut? Thanks again.
  10. I've just about completed the strut sectioning/coilover conversion in my 75 280z. I just drilled out the D shaped hole in the front insulators so that the top of the Toyota MR2 strut will fit through the hole. I drilled the hole big enough to clear the first little ledge after the threads, but it seems to be resting on the second ledge (one with the arrow pointing to it) which makes it so the bearing isnt sitting all the way up inside the insulator. This seems like a problem. My first thought was to make a spacer for under the bearing so that the bearing would be placed in the correct position. Thought I would check on here first to see if anyone else has a better idea. Thanks for your time guys
  11. Yes I have a complete 240z front end(valance, signals, grill, bumper) on my 75 280z. Its a simple swap.
  12. Awesome pics guys! Lots of inspiration! Still waiting on the machine shop to get the balancing done. Looking forward to posting my own pics once assembly starts. Thanks again guys. Keep em coming!
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