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  1. my inbox is near full from talking to chelle. He has the ferrari replica with the v12, dry sump, and T56 tranny.

    I guess it comes down to the hard or harder way

    the wow factor and (oh my god you are an uber fab man Adrian) of the v12

    or the not as hard but still difficult way of the V8, which being a supra owner I have some experience with these motors (they have the same head layout and i know where to get parts for them)

    I think the initial cost of the v8 will be a little more (unless i find the v12 with a 850 6speed). where as down the road a rebuild on the v12 will he hella expensive.



    well I think I'll go with the v12. at least that's my mind set right now. things might change right before i buy a motor. you never know

  2. Well here's where I'm at right now.

    I found a BMW v12 with (a bad fue pump, so the guy says) so only one side works currently. he's willing to sell the motor, ecu, 4speeed auto for $900. I can mate a t56 to this motor but it's some fab work I could not do for a little while. the pros are poping my hood and having a v12 :burnout:and in time maybe having a twin turbo v12 but the con of buying 12 pistons and rods come up not to mention machine work to a v12.


    my other option is a 4.0 or 4.3 Lexus V8 (price verys quite a lot) there are more tranny opetions for this and i think i could find a 5speed that bolts right up or buy a bell housing for 200-300 and mate a v160 to it (toyota 6 speed) the pros os this motor is that it's aluminum ( I believe) and superchargers for it can be found easy enough.


    any ideas, suggestions, comments, rants?

  3. it always scares me to hear n00bs talk about things they don't know much about. but it seems you got everything sorted out now.


    I'd suggest going with a direct port 6cyl kit. you can drill and tap each or your runers if you have carbs. and the same can be done for a intake plume.


    I have to try this mega squirt out it sounds niffty. i got friends using it but I've never dabbled with it.


    here my my key notes


    direct wet kit best thing to go with

    ignition should be upgraded

    can your drive train take it?

    don't run it too long if you like your pistons (they will get hotter)

  4. Well the Vette is a beauty' date=' not mine though. It's owned by a local Vette nut :) I'm not sure how many others he has, but I know he also has a very clean ZR1 as well.

    Some really high dollar cars are in my area. A couple months ago there was also a alloy body cobra replica in the shop owned by a local racer

    here's a pic of it



    I'm trying to get a job at a zr1 specialty shop. the owner has like 4 or 5 zr1s and works on this F40 that's got the current highscpeed scca record of 245mph

  5. Go to Car-parts.com and search for a 1992 BMW 750i engine in your area, it will run between $500-$1500 depending on condition. There are always rebuilt ones on ebay also.

    sweet. I might go down this road :) $1200 for most around me

  6. I'd love to do this swap. or go with the 4.3 version. but I'm aving a hard time finding one and I'd lke to use a 6speed but the toyota 6 speed goes for a lot, I know I own a auto supra and have been looking for a 6spee awhile.

  7. hiya' date=' it uses a chain for timing and another chain to drive the oil pump.

    It has a front oil sump so you need to either make a custom crossmember for it to clear or you need to convert it to dry sump (that's what we did) Dry sump will add a LOT of money to the cost.

    Figure the pump is $800, tank is $400+, a few hundred for lines, filters, and brackets even if you make them yourself. The engine is pretty light and all aluminum, weighs less than a iron block chevy V8.


    here's some info clipped from previous posts

    here's a couple other pics..

    Firse is a decent view of the engine

    next the new RonDavis radiator

    then with the filters and dry sump tank fitted,

    finally, a couple pics in the shop where you see it and a few others like a Grand Sport corvette replica

    behind the Vette is an insane Datsun with RB26DET..and the other side of the shop in the next pic is a 1000hp Harley that should do 228mph in the 1/4 mile

    it's more visible in last two


    First one - wow.. looks too big! (but don't worry - it does fit)


    that's what she sid ;)


    but honetly, cheap? I'd be down for a v12 in my Z but I don't see anything v1 being cheap.

  8. one of the 2jz swap guys did it. I'm not a huge fan of the torsional LSD, I'd rather have a clutch type. but if you are not drag racing or rally racing with it I guess it will do well. but most the supra guys that even got BPU to jsut 450hp sway it out pretty quick

  9. I know that, I mean why would it knock with 100 Octane to pull timing.

    How much boost are you running. also maybe your knock's warn out and going off too much the crystals break down and let off too much voltage and even normal engine vibration or a speed bump could set it off enough to ull timming.

    I'd go with a standaloen being the best or at least a piggyback for ignition.

  10. Hi all' date='





    I did that. Very difficult check out the post in the drivetrain sect.


    As far as the ecu, yes it runs faster witht ecu reset even with 100 octane. I have no idea why...


    The status of the car is, it is caged, stripped, and is now being painted. Then it will be assembled, Lord willing, in 2 months.


    And on supra's I have driven a few supra and was always impressed at how slow they are. My was a slug with a great exhaust and air intake, until got a boost controller. Then I was AMAZED. Sadly, it requires ~96 oct to work correctly.[/quote']


    I'm the 2jz pro :mrgreen:

    when you reset the ECU it resets timming to the msot agressive setting and it's quick to pull timming when the engine knocks just a little bit. and is VERY slow to advancei t again. i put 87 in my car supra once and it pulled so much timming i had to reset the ecu when i got a fresh tank of good old cali 91 :icon44:

  11. when you pulled the ecu fuse and reset the ecu you ran the best time right? It sounds like you have the shitty california ecu' date=' my friends supra is the same way, he pulls the fuse and resets the ecu and it runs really good for a minute.


    I really like this build too. Im doing a 2jz in a datsun 1200 or an rx3. Are you using the stock supra o2 sensor?[/quote']

    an Rx3 with torque that will be a first

  12. I'll give it a try and show my work.


    383 is about 47.875 cid/cylinder or 784.5cc's/cylinder


    cylinder volume= 784.5cc

    gasket volume = 8.6cc

    piston in the hole=4cc

    cylinder head=70cc

    piston dish=12cc


    total volume with piston at bdc= 879.1 cc

    total volume with piston at tdc = 94.6 cc


    Compression ratio is 879.1/94.6 = 9.29:1 cr.

    Assuming the piston is below the deck 0.020".


    you win

  13. I bought a le Mans with a 350 for $140 and i was going to put it in my Z (the 350) the car reved fine in park but uner load it's crap. after looking into it it looks like it's getting stuck in high idle the primaries are open all the way and the secondaries only open up about a 1mm.


    also there seems to be a small fuel leak in a cracked fuel line by the tank.


    my question is.

    is the choke screwed up if so how do i fix it (a choke kit?)

    and is my fuel leak giving me thios problem?

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