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  1. Nice set of Polished Manifolds/Dome tops for SU's http://modesto.craigslist.org/pts/3315007805.html
  2. Tried to get ahold of 1NONLYZ, to no avail. Took car to a couple of body shops. One said they would need to cut out and replace the whole front section due to the body under right fender being bent. They were talking about sectioning part of another front clip(no way!). 12 hours@$70 and I provide front clip! The other one said they could save the section and I would need to get another radiatior core support to weld in. $800 complete, and just about what I thought it would need. So, i'm on the hunt for the following: Radiator core support Hood w/hinges and rods R
  3. Thanks! The wheels came with the car when I bought it. I believe they are 14x7's. They come up frequently for sale on forums and CG.
  4. Wow! Makes our collision look relatively minor. Good luck with your new search for a new Z if SF totals. This is my post: http://forums.hybrid...ched-front-end/
  5. Nice to know I'm not alone. Someone has already given me the contact info for 1NONLYZ. Here's the pics of the radiator core support, both sides....
  6. So, after removing the damaged parts, it looks like the radiator core support panel is slighly pushed in and needs to be replaced unless there is a way to cut in another good section because the hinges punched through it. The right fender is buckled, but I wonder if the mounting section can be repaired with a good one? The other parts are obviously 'toast'(See Carnage Pic). I'll have to bring it to a body shop to see what it's going to cost to pull out and straighten the right quarter area. I'll get a close pic of the radiator core support tonight.
  7. Thanks! I tried while out of town(on hotel comupter, but to no avail).
  8. Wow! What a story! Thanks this incident didn't happen to my son!! Hell, I'm in the OC right now, it is pretty crazy, but I love OC !!
  9. Thanks! I'm in Hermosa Beach today and tomorrow. How far is that from here??
  10. 18. Wish I had the forethought. At least we have an extra air dam!
  11. Sounds good! I'll be in touch. I do want the 78 hood with vents preferably if I can find one and not pay an arm and a leg. Had it on my own '72. What city are you in?
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