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  1. Its prime time now :)

    Getting ready for paint soon which is really the most exciting thing of the whole build. Some sample paint on order, gonna do the old hood in sample first before moving forward. 






  2. The car is getting closer to being ready for paint. There was a lot of time lost; we are now on hood #3 as unfortunately the previous one when sent for blasting they put too much heat into the hood and it was destroyed. Chris has now put in a lot of work on the 3rd hood, getting rid of all the cancer. 




    Hood 2.PNG

  3. Got the fuel cell from Fuel Safe and the surge tank/pump from Radium. We will probably get our pedals figured out when the car comes back from paint which its going back there next week. Might just get some Tilton pedals and I think the sensor from the factory pedal can be swapped into a Tilton DBW pedal somehow. 

  4. Couple more pieces back from powder coating, that cutout above the fuel cell we will basically just glue it down since it is not structural anyway. 

    EDIT: Tried to upload a video of it running, apparently the file isn't compatible with the forum, though it does start and run! 

    We need to get this thing tuned properly before it is driven again, ended up getting an Ecutek so we can tune with that given the cam changes (JWT C2). 




  5. Not sure if they are still selling, the website is up. Fitment was not as advertised, definitely takes a lot of work to make it fit anywhere close to as good as stock. Unfortunately they also shipped gloss finish even though matte was requested. So it created a lot more work to refinish. You do not want a shiny dashboard, seems not only like it would be annoying but unsafe. 


  6. Getting there, lots of tedious stuff to do. One thing I think we will do is order an aftermarket pedal set including one with DBW as the 370Z pedal is really quite awkward for the small foot wells. Looks out of place. Fuel is basically sorted out, oil sorted. We are going to test fire this engine with the clocked tensioner and belt before mentioning which belt we used just because we are not 100% it will not make noise with this set up we have and don't want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. But as it is, I am happy with the look, the belt is tight, I think it will work. 










  7. The  VQ37 to my knowledge doesn't have good support with full standalone, and simply would not require it unless someone wanted to go for insane power, at which point I really think there are better platforms (LS anyone?).  But the VQ37 with flashed stock ECU's also picks up more torque gains across the rev range than other VQ's. So for mild builds the potential to make pretty high N/A power is substantial with all the standard stuff that ought to be done in a swap (custom intake/exhaust/modified ECO with the security disabled, etc).  We used ZFever to modify the stock ECU for this service. 

    I too was just wanting responsive high power motor that is relatively light, and reliable to thrash on. We should be over 400 bhp on this build but will do a custom tune before it is back on the road. Still lots of little shit to do. I will say that this swap is more of a pain than doing an LS, but I think in the end, since I have no intentions to sell the car for a long time to come, its important to get what you want, based on your own values and how you intend to drive the car.  


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  8. We have yet to sort out the belt/tensioner just yet. It sounds like a Juke belt might be workable. We are also relocating the oil filter to be remote and use a GTR type filter to work with the thermostat type adapter. Steering I think we had no major issues with, its primarily getting the engine in the right spot and having the right header design. 



  9. Progress has been slow but the car can be pushed around right now :)

    Work on wiring up the gauges, wiring harness etc is basically under way now. The frame for the fuel cell needs a couple more brackets and powder coat. Getting pretty close to sending back for paint :)

    Silicone intake hoses are probably coming out...but wanted to show a picture of where it is at. 





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  10. Final top coat done over the lizard skin to get it darker and protect it a little bit. The body is in primer but no sanding on it yet. Not until its ready for final paint and assembly. She is finally ready to go to a new temporary home where we can turn it into a car. Will be nice as I can help work a fair bit more on the mechanical side of things. 

    Dark 3.jpg

    Dark 4.jpg

    Dark 1.jpg

    Dark 2.jpg

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