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  1. You may wanna check out my Z in the classifieds! It's a 72 82k original miles bro. Take care
  2. I'm actually running 5x130 (porsche stuff) I just couldnt pass up the deal though. I need my bodykit now
  3. I actually want to run the IMSA wide body kit that why I have the wheel/tire/adapter combo..
  4. The wheels actually would only be flush with the stock fenders if I hadn't went with the 3inchers! I have about 2 inches clearence to the factory springs..
  5. Got some 2 piece CCW's track wheels 17x9 5.5 BS with a 2.5in 2 piece wheel adapters 17x10 5 BS with a 3in 2 piece wheel adapters 245/35 17 BFG KDW's 255/40 17 BFG KDW's Can't wait to put the wide body on!
  6. I use them on my 72 and they are really cool. I'm about to throw on the YZ and subtle Z fenders soon!
  7. If you havent found one by now I may be able to help you out.
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