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  1. WMKB

    83 280zxt

    Photos of z
  2. If you haven't scrapped it yet.. What color is the inside... I'm looking for a black left rear panel with the compartment... And the rear panel with notch for lock... Mine needs to be recovered but thought I might find them complete... Also looking for the small diode connector under the passenger seat.. Blue in color. Both connectors also... 2 Blue wires are attached to it... I've had a heck of a time finding one or know what it does... Thanks
  3. Thanks tooquick If anyone there can show a few pictures // comments of their rust repairs they've done on passenger floor and the lower front fenders would be appreciated.. I am about to start on this area but would like to see some or hear some other suggestions... My floor rust is very slight and just below the fuse block on the passenger wall... I've considered using epoxy , fiberglass , or possibly cutting it out and welding a plate... The lower fender needs metal removed and new formed/ shaped welded back in place... Again, I appreciate any suggestions out there.. I am not a body repair type person but I'd really like to do this myself.. Just need some guidance from some of the other z owners out there doing the same thing... Thanks
  4. Been looking thru the forums for help sense I picked up my zx... I've owned in the past (80's) 260z , 81-280z and 82 - 280zx turbo... Got the itch all over again and searched and found a 83-280zx Turbo Manual with only 41,000 miles.. Price was right... Could not pass it by.. Actually drive it home with my son tagging behind 60 miles.. Hums and feels so good to kick into the boost again.. Anyway, it has the same issues as my past cars, rust but it's minor.. Pulled the carpet out, replacing but found one small area in passenger floor that has rusted thru.. I have cut it out and getting ready to repair before carpeting. Only about 4" long by 1" wide... Would really like see some pictures of before and afters if anyone has any before I began. Any ideas will help... Looking forward to getting to know the members and their expertise.. Thank you Bill I will post pictures of the work being done...
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