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    Wanted misc. interior & exterior pieces, V8 conversion

    Thanks for all the replies, I am busy at work but I will make sure to PM everyone who has posted soon. The project still has not gotten off the ground but the LS motor (yes going a different route now) is going to be dropped off today. Just need some warmer weather!
  2. Hello all, Writing to you from the poorest state in the union, that has the rustiest cars on earth; Maine. You guys are lucky, I've wanted an s30 since I've known want. But any car that was unfortunate enough to make its way to a lot up here rarely survives 15 years with our rust problems. Such a beautiful state but snow, sea salt, and road salt has killed almost every single z within 200 miles of me. Except for this one; and its almost gone. It was a parts car for a guy, who has an equally rusty but running 280z that is no prize. Spray painted with interior stripped and fenders rusty and gone. This car was out in his field. Also without interior or a drivetrain, After a 3 hour drive, I dragged it home for $300. 1978 280z last on the road in 2002, 98,000 on the odo. Rotted floors and frame rails, fender bottoms gone, and holes for dogleg panels. Very average classic car for us. I've saved worse, and I'm going to save this one. Getting a chevy 350/4spd with vortec heads. Anything else is impossible to find up here and I might as well use up the parts laying around the farm. Like I said it was a parts car so it is missing a lot. Emblems & mirrors plus the hood in the pictures were stripped before I got there. Kid refused to give them up. I will make a thread in parts wanted shortly. Anyone reading this feel free to PM me with anything available. I probably won't update or create a build thread until I get a new phone, my Iphone 4 has a terrible camera. Anyways, wanted to introduce myself and my troublesome z. -Joel