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  1. There's an optional piece now that replaces the mustache bar and rear drop downs and drastically strengthens the rear of the car and completely illuminates the toe issues these cars sometimes come with from the factory. The newest version of the mustache replacement is lighter and has more provisions for fuel line routing. It ties in the mustache bar anchor points with the 4 drop down bolts, making the entire back of the car incredibly strong, while still having proper isolation in the rear differential mount for the cradle via common aftermarket mustang bushings.
  2. David hit 171 mph repeatedly in the half mile event recently and looked darn good doing it. He also spent the weekend kicking butt at ls fest proving once again the absolute reliability of the super 8.8 setup. His lsx 434 hit a best of 10.3 @ 141 mph with a DA of over 4000 and him using a 100 shot.
  3. This is the sister thread to the rear diff swap thread. More people do the diff swap than the front actually, and many do all 4 corners. Thread for the rear is in the drivetrain forum.
  4. Good news is by the time you decide, you will hopefully have seen my own rusty pile on the road, or at least more and more super 8.8 swapped projects out and about this coming show season.
  5. Stock smallest is the v6 2005 brakes, they are 11.5 and comfortably fit 16 inch wheels, and struggle with 15s. There are aftermarket 2005 to 2014 front brakes by wilwood and others that are 4 piston calipers and are specifically designed for 15 inch wheels. At that point, you still benefit from the taller balljoint, the Ackerman, and camber at the hub adjustment, but aren't saving much money, because s197 aftermarket brakes aren't 200 dollars like the factory refurbished ones are.
  6. Definitely agree with using the biscuit style and then squeezing some caster out of it as well. You won't need much camber on the street, and that's where the caster really helps you out. Maybe a hassle to adjust, but you won't have to cut, so thats your only option unless you want to change your track width on those kinds of adjustments.
  7. As time goes on, more and more of the kits get installed on various project cars, mild to wild, including my own rusty widebody car.
  8. Explorer 8.8 and apex aren't going to hold your hp. Guys with far less hp have issues with both the diff and the flex in the apex parts. I was referring to the super 8.8, which is a 34 spline monster that costs peanuts and comes out of the 2015 mustang. That gold car is andrews, and is a 6 speed car that puts down procharged 6.0 ls power effortlessly with the super 8.8 and mustang hubs. Also, the 8 ball cv axles with 300m shafts cost HALF of what dss would charge you, and that's not even talking about the cost savings involved in not having to upgrade the 280z outer stubs etc. Gold car is andrew waldony, not hard to find on Instagram, or just look me up, same name on Instagram as on here, i tag all my high hp customers in pictures of their cars. You can waste your money, or you can get what actually works.
  9. Designed a replacement for the r200 mustache bar that ties in the suspension mounts too, but still has bushings for the rear of the diff cradle.
  10. Nick shredded his r200 turbo axles, and his r200 whined, so he swapped to the super 8.8 and did the front mustang spindle swap with boss 302 brembos too. Motor is turbo 1jz making around 600 with an e85 tune.
  11. A $200 3.31 lsd mustang diff would easily hold your hp and then some. The kicker would be the kit itself, which is substantially cheaper than the t3 setup but definitely not free. 265mm tire on stock fenderwells won't be an issue.
  12. It won't help too much, but it will give you more caster if you drill 3 new holes in the shock towers. It's a tight fit but this particular car ended up with 4.5 degrees of caster, and thats with doing a 2014 mustang spindle swap up front, which we chose to move his balljoints back half an inch to offset the bearing center being forward. You should get even more caster with stock datsun spindles and will also allow you to freely use an adjustable tension rod without performance losses. For example, my own rusty pile of junk has over 8 degrees of caster, but i sectioned and opened up my shock tower tops and moved the top back over an inch. My bottom balljoint is moved back half an inch as well.
  13. After 4,500 miles in two weeks, and a dozen low 10 and high 9 second passes, Jason is back home from Rocky Mountain race week, having driven the ENTIRE way and placing 3rd place in the 10.00 true street class.
  14. The mustang diff in this application takes up ALL of the available space, but no cutting of the body is needed. It's a simple replacement for the r200.... after you get coilovers anyway.
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